Computer Vision

What is Computer Vision

Computer Vision, also known as Image Analysis, is one of our main specializations.

It is an ultra modern technology which has only been fully developed in recent years. It is based on a computer video analysis in real time when images for analysis are supplied by one or more cameras. The possibilities of this technology are nearly unlimited and they reach into various areas. The list of industries where computer imaging is used gradually extends, as clients discover indisputable advantages of this technology.

The main areas where computer imaging can be used are controlling, automation, recognition and precise measuring. We can find specific examples for example in product package damage control at an assembly line, belt material distribution automation, or colour/smoke recognition in automated premises surveillance. Precise measuring is necessary for example when producing printing filaments for 3D printers where it is necessary for the quality of the subsequent printing to have all filaments of exactly the same size. The technology of computer imaging analyses or measures anything that is captured by a camera. Later, based on the assessment; it automatically sends an instruction for a following requested action.

Highlights and Core Features

  • Exceed customer specifications and expectations
  • Further your company’s reputation by not shipping sub-standard products, encouraging future business
  • Achieve process improvement by monitoring any increase in the number of faults and take remedial action in good time
  • Achieve increased raw material utilisation and yield whilst reducing overall waste

Advantages of Computer Vision

Wide range of use

Ranging from factories, through banks to the medical industry. You can use the same system for various activities performed in your production company

Simpler and faster processes

You will be able to check your products faster, as protracted visual checks are replaced by fast computers


Contrary to a human eye, cameras and computers never get tired. The human factor is eliminated


Your final products will be, thanks to computer imaging,. flawless

Reduction of costs

You will save time of people as well as machines and eliminate faulty products.

We provide total solution for your factory about visual checking. That solution is combined between well-known camera brands and our software. With it, you can make sure that every single process that need visual checking will be done smoothly. Some applications:

  • Quantity checking
  • Defect checking
  • Position tracking
  • Barcode, QR code reader processing.