Smart Factory Solutions

Production Line Monitoring Solution for industrial automation and smart manufacturing of the future

Smart Factory is a smart production line monitoring solution powered by AI and IoT technologies, which empowers you to monitor everything on the shop floor from a centralized, live dashboard. Our Industrial Automation Solution involves highly trained machine learning algorithms that can predict machine failures and brings higher operational intelligence that your legacy system was not able to perform.

Our Industry 4.0 solution enables manufacturers to connect multiple production lines and machines, acquire data at different stages of production from several disparate sources, and develop capabilities like remote monitoring, edge analytics, and predictive maintenance, and digital twin.

Highlights and Core Features

  • Demand forecasting and capacity planning
  • Detect unexpected equipment failures symptoms
  • Suggest supply chain bottlenecks
  • Predictive maintenance with advanced algorithms
  • Digital twin to regulate production
  • Real-time demand visibility

With our slogan “Upgrade, not re-build”, we understand how big the budget that customer need to prepare if they go for smart factory in the traditional way. That expenses shall cover many kinds of cost like hardware replacement, software re-programming, installation, production pending, etc … . With that understanding, we shall integrate our controller to your current machines, lines. So that you can save a lot of money and stay away from the risk of production pending, hardware and software compatibility and all the problems relating to the so-called system synchronization.