Smart Maintenance

Equipment maintenance software for planning, scheduling & execution

Every minute of downtime costs manufacturing companies thousands of euros. Yet, up to 80% of maintenance time is spent reacting to issues rather than preventing them. Good maintenance software helps you avoid unnecessary stoppages, increase production efficiency and extend your asset lifecycle.

Use Maintenance Control to receive maintenance notifications and for scheduling of maintenance orders. Connect it to ERP systems (e.g. SAP) or use it as a standalone solution. As changes are made, maintenance & production teams are notified in back offices and on the shopfloor paperlessly and in real time.

Keep your maintenance technicians flexible and mobile on the shopfloor with our execution module designed for tablets and smart phones!

Highlights and Core Features

  • Plan Maintenance like a pro
  • Sequencing & Assignment of Maintenance Orders
  • On the shop floor…be connected!
  • Maintenance Task Instructions
  • Spare parts reservation & consumption
  • Dashboards & Reporting for Maintenance

Current Situation:

With the traditional way you are doing with maintenance & repair job, do you realize that you wasted a lot of time for:

Despite all the above, manager & engineer sometimes still missed some pending jobs because someone may forget reporting the pending jobs.

Let’s go for Smart Maintenace

MES Hi-tech has researched and developed a software solution which can be used in smart phone to make maintenance and repair job smarter with some functions as bellowed: